Who is kurt dating on glee Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Who is kurt dating on glee

Instead, they have coffee with him. This upsets Kurt, and he yells at Blaine telling him that Artie is very fragile, and he doesn't have to use it right now.

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Dave's bullying begins to escalate, as Kurt gets painfully shoved into lockers and openly insulted. In an alternate universe where Artie can walk, Kurt is held back a year and still being bullied by his peers and mentions that he doesn't know who Blaine is. Eventually Kurt slushies himself and asks Finn if he whom is datings on glee a football player would do that for him.

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Schue is choreographing the dance routine with the wooden models Blaine and Kurt can be seen sitting talking with Rachel and Mercedes about the future. Kurt looks at Blaine and tells him that he can do it, and Blaine leaves.

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Kurt then has a discussion with Blaine about the future of their relationship, and reassures Blaine that he isn't saying goodbye to him. Later, April approaches them and asks when they are getting married, to which Blaine replies they're going to wait until setting a definitive date. Finn thinks it rocks and calls it "Gay Braveheart. Kurt, remaining silent, says in his mind that he's gay and doesn't want Burt to stop loving him.

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After the meeting, Blaine comes over to him in the hallway and offers Kurt the chance to audition to sing a solo at Sectionals, because Kurt showed guts by suggesting new ideas. After Burt wholeheartedly expresses his support, Blaine takes the initiative and asks Burt for his permission to ask Kurt to marry him.

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They can't touch us or what we have. Later, when Kurt and Blaine show up to try to talk to Dave about what happened the kissDave asks, "Is this [Blaine] your boyfriend Kurt?

When the New Directions are discussing the things they are looking forward to, Blaine mentions he is looking forward dating sites austin marriage equality in all 50 states, which Kurt smiles at.

I think we've had enough of that.

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After they perform, June seems satisfied with them. Kurt can also be seen moping near the counter of the store while Blaine and the rest of the Warblers dance around and on the table in front of the checkout register.

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Schue 's apartment, along with Rachel and Sam, where they all agree to put work off the table whenever they meet on a social call.