Rain barrel hook up Rain Barrel to Gutter Installation

Rain barrel hook up, install it

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To avoid shipping charges, I bought other items I needed. Landscape Tips for Weekly Winner No. You may be able to do this without taking it down, so give it a try. An open container catches rain falling from the sky. Fit Linking Pipe in Place First push the pipe into the socket section of the diverter, and then into the water-butt coupling. Again, use a template to measure the correct position.

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Otherwise your barrel might capsize! You may want to drill a screw into the top downspout and fitting to keep it from sliding up and down.

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Hold the connected elbows on top of the rain barrel lid and trace around the elbow opening to mark the lid. Use a fine-toothed saw to cut through the downspout, following the guidelines as closely as possible.

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Make sure the area your stand or cinder blocks will be placed is rain barrel hook up. The collection barrel should be 3" lower than the satellite barrels to allow the overflow to work properly and air to flow in and out of the barrels.

Just cut the pipe the correct length to make it fit from the diverter to the downspout and make sure the elbow is pointing down into the downspout.

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A former cake decorator and competitive horticulturist, Amelia Allonsy is most at home in the kitchen or with her hands in the dirt. Measure the height from the ground to the top of the top downspout elbow. I thank you for your interest in the age old concept of water catchment.

You may want to dig out a few inches of dirt and replace it with sand or decomposed granite so the stand sinks into the ground. Insert Diverter Remove the cut section of the pipe and insert the main body of the rain barrel hook up, using any adaptors that are required.

I still have one square one left. How To Outdoors Structures. This lets you attach a hose to direct overflowing water. Most rain barrel manufacturers will supply a marking template. Position Barrel Step 3: How to Create a Rain Barrel 6 Steps. Collecting water in barrels is only one of the ways I could make use of runoff. Her work has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle and on other websites. Fit Coupling in Hole Be sure to use any washers supplied to create a watertight fit.

How To Set Up Your New Rain Barrel

How to Build a Rainbarrel Platform 9 Steps. You have now begun the process of saving water. Well, let me give you the benefit of what I learned — not to do. Water-Saving Bathroom Update 8 Steps. Skip to main content. Place the rain barrel on top of the platform. Every drop counts and you are making a difference in the future of our water supply. Here the pipe is rigid, but some may be flexible. In the absence of a pump, that meant help from gravity.