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I am the Student Council President! I want to see the bruise! Yet, men and women alike, we seem to automatically assume that otaku are socially dysfunctional, that dysfunction is reducible to one issue — sex — and that we have a simple, effective cure for whatever ails the reader.

The Student Council President of Seika left class because of her boyfriend? Please forgive the mistakes, I'm an amateur though haha Just writing for pure fun She will do whatever to make it up to him.

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Later in the manga, Chapter 63, a small event is hosted by the students of Seika where everyone who wants to has the opportunity to confess to Takumi in front of everyone else. Sega Game Gear P J. She is very passive and shows very little emotion. Usui smiled once more. Misaki immediately pulled her hand that was still stuck into Usui's maid sama dating games. Sakura surprisedly turned to Misaki, her face full of questions.

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Err… How do I say this? Atari Atari P J. I will never allow other people to hurt you; I will never even allow you to hurt yourself.

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His voice… it faltered. Savoring each other's warmth and feeling each other's body. Are you sure you're doing this here Prez?

Surely that should bring about a change in their lives!

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Contents [ show ]. Usui was in front of her, her fist on his left chest. She can't take it anymore! This is not the first time Usui had kissed her on the lips, but this is the first time he had kissed her this way and she could not stop the excitement she was feeling.