Lol promo matchmaking Lol promo matchmaking

Lol promo matchmaking

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Which, in speed dating templates download, still leaves the enemy team much stronger than ours.

But this match was promo matchmaking in terms of both MMR and wins. My ranking has been rising quite steadily over the past couple of weeks, so this isn't personal. Will it lead riot to a better answer?

Call me crazy, but this looks intentionally stacked to me. It's not just Ranked, but yes, it mostly occurs in Ranked Promotions.

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Will it be perfect? That would be very unlikely if they had exceptionally low MMR. If you're bad, you'll fall. And then we'd have to assume that all these high-ranked-but-low-mmr people happened to end up on one team. You have to be above average in a bracket to achieve further, I see no problem with this. None of their members appear to be in their promotional series. At least 3 of our team members are in their promotional series.

Riot really needs to make a working matchmaking system, because, even though it's very difficult to make a fair matchmaking system, this is not much better than our previous matchmaking system. None of them look like they've been promo matchmaking a lot lately.

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I had a team with players who had roughly wins, and after the game finished, I discovered the enemy team was comprised of mostly wins. The Diamond 5 is back at 0 LP, admittedly, but that is the result of two losses following this game and so not too out of the ordinary. That's all not to mention the number of games played on their team. Since the matchmaker considers duo queues an advantage, that would actually weigh against them and probably match them against Plat 1s or 2s.

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Unless something changed http: For example, last night I had the following matchup for my second promotional game following a win and resulting in a loss: Has anyone else noticed this kind of stuff happening more often in promotional games, or am I just seeing things? Years of conversation fill a ton of digital pages, and we've kept all of it accessible to browse or copy over.

So, to make this work, we would still have to assume the Diamond 5 had excessively low MMR, and the Plat 5s were also at least somewhat low for their ranking, and probably the Gold 1s as well to make the pick order work out the way it did. When you're finished, check out the boards to join in the latest League of Legends discussions.

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Win numbers are from solo ranked only. Best tread carefully through all those assumptions and coincidences, lest we cut ourselves on Ockham's Razor.

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None of the obvious promotional series are for a permanent increase in rank; just a higher division. Whether you're looking for reveal articles for older champions, or the first time that Rammus rolled into an "OK" thread, or anything in between, you can find it promo matchmaking.

Motive doesn't matter, this isn't a murder.

Is Matchmaker stacking odds against people in their promotional series by placing them on equally ranked teams and against significantly stronger opponents? They all work as intended.

Welcome to the Forum Archive! And that all this happened to occur in a match with three people in their promotional games who, themselves, happened to all end up on the other side of that matchup.

In fact, both of the Plat 5's have gain a significant amount of LP since last night. It's just a pattern I've started noticing and I'm curious whether there's something to it and, if so, why this is being done. If you're good, you'll rise. It wasn't even a fair game, and I've been on that side of the spectrum as well. You just don't want to deal with it so you deem it "wrong". However, it is a pattern I've been noticing more and more often in my promotional games.