Le speed dating en francais « speed dating » en français

Le speed dating en francais, « speed dating » traduction en français

I met the Countess speed-dating in Laval.

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A sort of speed-dating event where developers pitch ideas to investors. All right, I went out there at the end of the speed-datingokay?

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I am not bisexual speed-dating! Richard told me that he was getting le speed dating en francais together with his ex, and then I see him last night at speed-datingplaying the field.

I know it was one of those speed-dating guys. Rejoignez Reverso, c'est gratuit et rapide! What you doing speed-dating this time of day? I'd like to welcome you all to today's speed-dating session. She disappeared from a speed-dating function thing and she was found in a nearby alley the next morning.

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A bachelorette party and a speed-dating function. Both phil keiser and the guy who turned up dead attended these speed-dating events. Je ne suis pas pour un tel speed-dating!

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So you can be at my next speed-dating event? You should come with me tomorrow night to the speed-dating thing. Tu fais du speed-dating en ce moment, ou quoi? No one wants to be speed-Dating at We need to get a first-hand look at this speed-dating phenomenon.

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We understand you attended a speed-dating event last night. Afficher les exemples de la traduction speed dating Nom 10 exemples concordants. Ce que Richard regardait avant de quitter le speed dating? Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille et un speed-dating.

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How many women have you ripped off under the guise of speed-dating? On doit aller essayer le speed dating. There are no cell phones allowed in the lounge during speed-dating.

Afficher les exemples contenant speed-dating 8 exemples concordants. Richard m'a dit qu'il se remettait avec son ex, et je le vois hier au speed-datingsur le terrain.

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Traduction Dictionnaire Correcteur Conjugaison Grammaire. Who Richard was staring at before he left the speed-dating event. My girlfriend, Jill, found your speed-dating card.