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What upsets kids the most is when they are rejected and they do not know why it happened. View your post below. I'm only 13 and everyone says I'm to young for love, I'm not. If you are looking for a place to share your travel photos and storiesthen try BigRoom.

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I like the idea of having escorted dates. Instead, they spend time in casual group contexts where boys and girls are together.

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Meaning its their shared problem Well, she just turned 14 this month, and for the past 4 months or so the mother has been letting her date a 20 year old that they know. Abuse has been found to increase with sex at a young age. Despite the lack of commitments, kids are still gaining something from the experience - they are learning.

Groups can offer a safe, protective way for kids to learn. How can you move forward in different types of ways?

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I would try to date guys your age because of the laws. More and more parents are faced with this dilemma today. X ' His next reply was quite lengthy but didn't mention anything about Saturday or the date I then responded starting off saying 'orrrrr not haha never mind perhaps Original post by daisy x.

My boyfriend said he will never marry me because I don't cook or clean? It doesn't make sense.


Im 24 and im in love with a 14 year old girl. Use of this forum is subject to the ExpertLaw terms of use. I am not really sure about it, if I was you to be on the safe side not to get him into trouble, I would just be his friend and if it is true love it will work out.

Sorry about the late reply! What you can do to help your child Allowing your child to date, even if done in a group, can be scary for many parents.

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Read a few of his Tweets and he seems like a nice and very funny guy, also I realised he's good friends with my ex who's a year younger than me, the 'relationship' didn't end well. Trying To Conceive Forums.

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Last edited by daisy; at But it isn't paedophilia. And if you or him know any thing about prison, the prisoners would love to get their hands on him. Yes your BF can take her to court Crystal. He just acts completely normal around me.

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I agree with what Rob said. Where are you pulling those figures from then, Sparky?

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The bible and laws r separate for a reason the bible aint got nothing to do with the laws or the parents. My year-old son is dating his year-old coworker. I'm just pretty spontaneous and open It's fine if you don't want to so soon. Trying To Conceive Over This forum is supported by: