Im dating my psychiatrist Erotic Transference or Is My Therapist Hitting on Me?

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Why do people communicating often anonymously on the internet feel a greater and more rapid sense degree of intimacy than people communicating in person, or through another mode? I would be interested in your take on the psychology behind internet based communications…why does it seem like a disproportionately high number of msgboard posters have clinical depression or personality disorders?

I thought he was joking. September 4, at 5: Rob, I know you said that dual relationships with your shrink are inappropriate, but what about after therapy is over? This was while I was her client. September 17, at 3: I really missed it. This is a real-life example of how it happens without the whole transference explanation and being made to feel that I have yet another psychological abnormality.

Don't Hit on Your Therapist, Even if You're Tempted

I am enjoying my fantasy and feelings, and also my story of her awkward silence and light im dating my psychiatrist circles on the arm of her chair - to mean, she wants me Having been unlucky enough to have had a relationship with my therapist and living through the trauma it caused, this feels like victim blaming. It would be unethical for the therapist to stay yes. Aug 04, Rating Homonyms by: Plus, there are tons of really Awful shrinks who, while they may abide by every law in the book, just really suck bad. Stop by my site — psychotherapy degree. What do you call feelings the therapist puts on the client?

I googled it and read basically what I just told you. This could be anything as minor as sending a letter of concern to jail time. In fact, for psychiatrists who maintain perspective on these reactions and their distortions, countertransference offers an important opportunity to explore the patient's inner emotional world. I called her back and I happened to be going back to NYC the following month.


As the above comment said you should not be becoming therapist. And he told me a lot of personal business.

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For example, during my graduate training one of the students was rumored to be im dating my psychiatrist a guy who was part of a psychological experiment she was conducting. Cheers and keep up the domination! Maggy, I understand the way you feel. I have done the mandatory ethics training and worked on several studies now and this is news to me, so I would be interested in where this information is coming from i.

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Do therapists feel sad when their clients end therapy? For many patients, it provides an opportunity to gain greater understanding of themselves, offering a path to emotional health.

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I can't imagine how "erotic tension" could be a helpful much less necessary element in therapy! I feel the two year rule in this instance is a bit black and white. I think if circumstances had been different, we probably would have been friends. My life is looking ridiculously better than it did when I started six months ago.

An ethical, well-trained psychiatrist, however, knows how to deal with his own emotional reactions to his patient's expressions of transference. You might be surprised at how relieved each party is, when you are brave enough howard county sewer hookup share your feelings.

I can't even bear to think of how embarrassing it would be to be sat face to face with her with my pants tent on full display. Replies to my comment. Still, every rationale given to avoiding post-shrink connections always, to me, smacks of rank disingenuousness. But those are just my thoughts - which are fuzzy from all of these wonderful feelings.