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I called the wrecking service and they took Chase to the shop. Be true to yourself and who you are.

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Jason Aldean, Sam Hunt, Jake Owen, more celebrity reactions Rapper Young Dolph shot multiple times in Hollywood, rushed to the hospital Toddler with no hands goes viral being best big brother ever Mystery of a missing Alabama woman found surviving in the woods for a month linked to a robbery. How is your relationship with your dad and mom? When I tried starting him I started him again, he made a hideous noise. I can identify guy dating his car objectum sexuality as one of the sexual orientations. You want to live your life for yourself. His feelings for Dylan have evolved over the years, and he sleeps with it every night though he doesn't think Chase minds at all.

He really enjoyed it -- I can tell because I can feel his energy. Get insight into what it all means with your daily horoscope.

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Do you have any words of advice for people dealing with addictions? It made me more comfortable about myself and my feelings. What does the future look like for you and Chase? Chase and I have our five-year anniversary coming up in June. I would like to dig deeper and learn more about what started these feelings for Chase and where they came from. Nathaniel admits he can't go longer than 24 hours without seeing Chase, and that it sometimes brings him to tears to be away from the car. They've told me not to let people harass me about it, and have offered their help.

Health Issues After the Show: I felt like I could express my love for him better than I had before.

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My mom and I talk more openly. Step into the world of weird news.

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There is so much wrong with this and the more I think about it — the more questions I have. He said he would like to come up for the weekend at some point, so I'm looking forward to that. Scenes with his father are legite, and this episode is completely true. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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I actually know this guy. My Strange Addiction After the Show: Go to mobile site. I would like to get to know my dad guy dating his car and spend more time with him, but we live four hours apart and it's hard with work schedules. Did therapy help you cope with your addiction? Never one to miss out on this type of strangeness, Anderson Cooper had Nathaniel on his show and he posted a clip featuring a couple of questions from the audience.

Things are going well with her. I still want to be with Chase. I haven't been back to see the therapist because I've been busy, but I do want to go back. He even has a picture of Chase as his screensaver at work to get him through the day. Mainly, the therapist helped me to see more of who I am.