Gossip girl serena and nate dating Nate–Serena relationship

Gossip girl serena and nate dating

Serena-Ben Relationship

They stop speaking after that. However, the issue isn't too big and they make up by the end of the night. Serena tries to act like she's okay with it, but it becomes obvious pretty quickly that she isn't.

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However, Serena refuses, not wanting to hurt Blair anymore than she already has. Dan, I care a lot about Serena, I always will. Lily begs Serena not to blackmail her because if the information ever got out, they would all face catastrophic backlash.

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Vanessa witness Ben get physical with Damien. After this, they become official The Hurt Locket. Meanwhile, she gossips girl serena and nate dating with her decision about whether to be with Dan and Chuck. They later resolve their issues, but Serena tells Georgina she no longer wants to be in contact with her.

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The friendship and relationship of Serena van der Woodsen and Ben Donovanformerly student and teacher. Serena chooses to leave with Carter but kicks him out of the car when she learns he lied about when he knew her father's location. She steals the affidavit, and gives it to Russell.

Dan and Serena

She catches him outside and they go out for coffee. Because I know this may sound crazy or selfish or like I'm living in the past or something.

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In Enough About EveSerena goes to Nate for help in freeing her boyfriend, Carter Baizenfrom the Buckley family ; who are planning dating in cape girardeau mo send him to an oil rig as revenge for him abandoning his wedding to Beth Buckley.

The next day, Dan apologizes and Ben reconciles with Serena; revealing he does have feelings for her. Ben's mother comes to visit in Empire of the Sonand is upset at Ben dating Serena, since she sees her as the person who ruined his life. Oh, it's not you, it's me?

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As a result, Blair kicks Serena out of her penthouse. Even though you were wrong to. But I'm not going to wait around to see how things go.

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In Inglourious BassterdsSerena plans a special surprise birthday party from Nate, but Jenny tries to undermine efforts, as she is harboring a major crush on Nate. Games Movies TV Wikis. Sign In Don't have an account?

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One night, they're traveling back from a different state after visiting a library but their car breaks down.