Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking takes forever Ghost Recon Phantom Updates Matchmaking, Reduces Weapon Prices

Ghost recon phantoms matchmaking takes forever

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Originally Posted by J. So Ubi mods ,would you be so kind and give us a respond ,that you are aware of this problem too and not just the mm vs AI? Quick online dating Policy Terms of Use.

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TDM is simple and fairly easy to implement and not screw up. That's such an exaggeration. It searches normal like all skill levels etc. Some people complain about a problems finding matches against AI, because of the 'my Region'- Lock.

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So, if you are in a region where nobody plays For Honor anymore or you try to play at times in which people of your region normally sleep, you will find no match. See us charging you for oil?

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I play on PS4 and my nat is good. Agree, Matchmaking in the new patch is ghost recon phantoms matchmaking takes forever, gotta wait like 25 minutes to get into a ranked match which makes me mad.

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That IS team work. Too easy to see around corners so basically everyone ends up looking for a corner to hide behind or a short wall to crouch next to.

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Now new players will automatically begin with tier 3 weapons now tier 1 and may work their way up to the new tier 7 cap. The time now is I actually installed this one today just to try it out, I remember playing in beta and not liking it but I figured I would try it again to see maybe some changes have made it fun. This game has become a disgrace for Ubisoft Do you have any idea how much of a dolt and an ultranationalist bigot you make yourself look like right now?

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Matchmaking takes forever usually ends up with error Forums. Definitely much much slower than before.

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Ubisoft needs to fix this now, because it's pretty much unplayable in its current state. I have learned to use them to my advantage instead. Before it would take a minute or so now it takes 10 minutes or more. See us putting our troops wherever the hell we please?