Fossil dating meritnation What is fossil dating?

Fossil dating meritnation

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The fossils that are found closer to the surface of the earth are of recent animals than those found in the deeper sections. Thesecond way of dating fossils is by detecting the ratios of different isotopesof the same element in the fossil material. Thank you for your interest.

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Why is the study of fossils important? Thank you for your interest. You may either refer to the answer provided by your friend or follow the link- https: Genotypic ratio of dihybrid cross?

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What is fossil dating? No Problem Ask this as a question. Another one is by finding the ratio of the different isotopes of the same elements.

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All the living objects contain C14 atoms that are radioactive. The study of fossils is important because ithelps scientists to figure out the racial history of plant and animals, fossil dating meritnation climatic conditions of the earth, to moeasure geographical time, serve as link to species and provide evidence for evolution. Become a premium memeber. Applect Learning Systems Pvt.


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