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I am at the point where I dont mind losing her, but I dont really want that to happen. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Having a hard time picking a name? This is why I don't like this guide. You don't respond to any of his texts or calls until he does something desperate [like] shows up. Well showing her that she will lose her chances by freezing her out is appropriate!

Also, the most powerful freeze outs are utilized when the girl least expect them: Never give anyone an excuse to say that you're crazy. Eventually Mystery figured out a chick's emotions and her state of sexual arousal were at a fever pick, however despite being ever so horny her anti-slut defense would kick in and prevent her from wanting to give you some.

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What do you guys think? The best reaction you could get is her realizing she would prefer to have sex rather than stop entirely, and if she is horny enough it should work more often than not. You're perfectly justified in kicking her the fuck out. Scarcity mindset is when you're too worried about ruining an interaction out of an irrational fear of not having another chance with someone else later. The Freeze Out If you remember in The Game Style and Mystery would have problems overcoming last minute resistance and were perplexed on how to overcome it.

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But it has of course to be in the right context. You've subtly communicated that you're the one who is desirable.

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Now that she has been single for a few months and got her rebound douche out of the way I wanted totake the initiative, Later that night I posted a picture of where I was in LA I think this also may have contributed to her flaking recently because she could have taken the messages or frequency of messages as being or overbearing. Ok freezeouts are actually more effective if you've know the girl for a while What you simply do is stop making out with her.

They were still attracted after, respected me for respecting them, and then we had sex the next time we saw each other. Home Female Relationships Women are communication driven.

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It can be enough to simply dating freeze out about sex with her without making jokes about it. She is my one and only… Our love will know no bounds… Hahahaha, just messing with you.

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The pain should be short-termed. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Instead, they reward the girl exactly when they should raise the price of the communication to have her invest more.

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I'm not dwelling on my failures, but looking to correct my behavior and I really appreciate the help you're giving. The dating freeze out is this: Rex's life experiences with broads who told him that it's an exercise in futility to chase after women who have expressed an explicit desire not to be with him.

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They think NC will make the girl increase their interest. I go to take off her shirt and she stops me. She sounds like a leech on your very soul. The best reaction you could possibly get from completely disengaging from a girl during making-out or whatever is what is he doing now? Freeze-outs are one of the most powerful, but hardest to apply, weapons in your PUA arsenal. Sometimes a girl may try to seek you out after you fall back.