Dating avon perfume bottles Pricing and selling your Avon Collection

Dating avon perfume bottles, where to buy collectibles from avon

True antique CPC and Avon products are rare, though collectors can sometimes find vintage packaging or perfume bottles.

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There are many items from the s through the s. If your bottle is marked Gaillard, J. Lists best place to sell or buy older avons.

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If you are a serious collector or just want to know what the older avons you have are worth. Villardit was made during s.

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A good starting point for locating dealers who might be interested in your collection is your local or online yellow pages, look under collectibles and antique dealers. If your bottle has an embossed entwined HP mark on the base of the bottle, it was made by the glass factory of Pochet et du Courval in France after If your bottle has a VBor BR mark on the base, it was made by Verreries Brosse of France after the s when the factory installed semi-automatic bottle making machines.

That being said, there are several series that are popular with collectors, even if the values aren't high.

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Although original packaging and the condition of the piece are important, the biggest factor that drives the price of these items is the equally yoked dating site. Every collector is different and will have a favorite item to collect.

The second is a polypropylene coating of the stopper dowel designed with internal friction teeth. How would you price an Avon collectible with an error…it is double stamped on the bottom.

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Figural perfume bottles, like the car created inare especially popular. Older perfume will start to darken and the oldest perfumes have a syrupy texture. Keep in mind that, in addition to the amount the dealer pays you, they also have overhead, and also must allow some room for profit.

Check out vintage advertisements for perfumes in old datings avon perfume bottles. They have a plastic silver tone top and rim.

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The Christmas bell is probably one of the most sought-after items for people collecting Avon products. Albee figurines are particularly difficult to find because they are awards given to Avon representatives and not released to the general public.