Cant connect to matchmaking servers MODERATORS

Cant connect to matchmaking servers

Yeah, I've been experiencing this issue on my Main Account for over 12 hours now. Howerver on same pc same user and everything cannot connect to MM on my main prime account. And make sure steam is run as administrator. What should we call you? I am getting this message in console on game boot Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'dxb'. Restart Steam and wait for Steam to fix their servers. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.

This error is not client side so all traditional fixes wont work. Nothing Unplugged my router and plugged it back in. Originally posted by Double T:. Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

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I just copied the Steam folder and installed it to my friend's Pc. Try using an ethernet cable, if it doesn't work with wifi.

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Whatever the steam data relay or whatever the update was did, it fucked MM over ping wise. This might even have to do with the new SDR system, maybe one of the relays is messed up: Now it came back and nothing fixes it.

Don't have an alt.

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This is an archived post. Today from 9am when I first try it, I getting this rly annoying error. I can search and play MM games fine on my alt. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them.

Failed to communicate with routing cluster 'vie'. Known other possible fixes: But, every time I try to access the mission board or the passenger lounge tried in different stations I get the message that the game cannot access the matchmaking server and get kicked out to the title screen.

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Servers might be busy trying to handle all the Elite traffic lately. I went crazy over this last night! I still have this error. What the heckin heck is going on here??? Tried again just minutes ago and this error is issued to me immediately.

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This topic has been locked. I've had this happen so much lately. Testing the mm connection right now, will let you know if it works. I had the problem, but 15 min ago i booted up a dm, and it worked fine. Submit a new text post. I have to go through this at least once a weak.

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I'll update if I hear cant connect to matchmaking servers back from my ticket. Global Offensive Store Page. I believe it is some kind of individual account caching valve are doing, and i suggest to just wait it out. OK, So i can actually play my fix was I ran as administrator and i verified my gfc like 3 seperate times it finally worked when i combined the run as admin and verified gfc.